fruit cake recipe please

oldie, Feb 3, 12:31am
i normal use mixed fruit, and no egg or milk. but i am tired of that recipe so and nice traditional fruitcake would be awesome.
cheers peter

valentino, Feb 3, 12:37am
oldie, the following link is to a very nice traditional fruit cake.

Sorry cannot post the recipe here as it is in a table format giving various amounts for different sized cakes... . just copy the link then paste into the address bar on your web browser and push the enter button then scroll about 1/4 page down... php? f=29&t=889


pickles7, Feb 3, 1:05am
amazing... . lol... lol again... .

oldie, Feb 3, 1:29am
not much joy on that link.
any other ideas. please

pickles7, Feb 3, 1:34am
write ... . fruit cake... in the search as the key word , and anytime in date posted . . you will find some there. .

valentino, Feb 3, 1:48am
In what way, is the link not working or not what one is looking for?

Just out of interest.

Or as pickles7 noted, use the search function in the upper left side of this page.


snapit, Jul 28, 1:56pm
Thanks for that link Valentino great to have the table of ingreds to suit the size of cake wanted.
The link at the bottom of the page took me to HEAPS more fruit cake recipes to suit every want.
I enjoy making fruit cakes and will be doing one soon for a golden wedding. Did 7 different ones at Christmas time when fruits were on special and eggs plentiful.

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