Pot roast in the slow cooker - how long?

kabbo, Aug 14, 3:11am
i have put one on at 3pm. should've had it on earlier probably, but changed my mind about what to have and really wanted this. it's like the ones you buy at the supermarket which are packaged like corned beef. so it was even still frozen. sat it in hot water for a bout half an hour to help.

so if i put it on HIGH - will it be cooked enough to be tender by about 8pm? ?

beaker59, Aug 14, 3:17am
It will be fine on High certainly thats about right in my cooker, did you brown it first.

kabbo, Aug 14, 3:21am
oh good - thanks beaker. nah - i didnt brown it first. should i have? ? it's got a coating on it - like crushed peppers and sesame seeds.
this is the first time i've any sort of roast cut in the slow cooker. i have only ever done stews and curries.

beaker59, Aug 14, 3:32am
It will be fine it is better to brown first for sure but not everyone does and I am sure it will be delicious. Some people like to put potatoes carrots etc in for the last hour to cook those as well but also not essential. I don't as my wife doesn't like the veg to taste the same as the meat. The coating will add a nice flavour.

kabbo, Aug 14, 3:46am
thanks - yeah im going to put in some whole carrots and some whole onions. oooohhhh - yummy - getting hungry now. roll on 8pm.
nice fodder too for a horrible old wet wet day.

beaker59, Aug 14, 4:27am
Certainly is good fodder, don't forget to make a nice gravy from the juices of which there will be quite allot.

beaker59, Jan 24, 11:05pm
So how was it Kabbo I am keen to find out ?