If I make semolina with just water...

chris160179, Aug 13, 1:55am
how long will it last in the fridge? Does it go off?

Am thinking of making up a whole heap so I can mix it with fruit for my babies breakfast each day, rather than having to make up a small batch of it each day while she is grizzling for her breakfast.


noonesgirl, Aug 13, 2:27am
i would think 2 days max especially when you're feeding it to a baby. Pasta isn't a 'good' keeper.

chris160179, Aug 13, 2:30am
hmmmmm, ok.

What if I made a heap up, and froze in cubes?

Would it defrost in the microwave ok?

winnie231, Aug 13, 2:34am
Why not make a small amount and try freezing it to see what happens. That way there's not alot of waste if it doesn't defrost nicely.

noonesgirl, Aug 13, 2:37am
Have you checked if you can buy instant semolina?

buzzy110, Jan 20, 8:52pm
Yes but if I recall, semolina doesn't take that long so how much time would be saved by microwaving a frozen block of already prepared semolina? Not much I bet. Also, you risk having parts that are still a bit frozen and others that will burn your baby's mouth, such is the way microwaves work.