Do you cover your silverside with water?

mazzy1, Sep 21, 9:45pm
Forgive me, ppl - I know there are plenty of threads on here previously, but I don'nt have time to look through everyone this morning. In the slow cooker, do you cover it with water/malt vinegar/brown sugar? Or halfway? Or do it dry? Help!! *nervously taps nails on the desk top*

winnie231, Sep 21, 10:02pm
Hope this helps!

mazzy1, Sep 21, 10:08pm
It does! Thanks so much winnie231

jorjiasmum, Sep 22, 12:23am
I dont cover my silverside with water in the crockpot, I only add about a1c of water , then I add a good splash of orange juice (probably about 1/4 c or so) and some golden syrup. If I dont have orange juice I add malt vinegar, and some black peppercorns.
It always comes out lovely and moist.

jtonkin, Sep 22, 10:08am
I cover mine in ginger beer *yum*

beaker59, Sep 22, 10:41am
I don't put any sugar in mine I also don't cover the big ones as they can spill over during cooking. I turn them over at half time though. I use water malt vinegar bay leaves (from the bay tree I can reach out through the kitchen window to pick) and cloves.

fruitluva2, Sep 22, 10:49am
I put bayleaf, chilli sauce and pepper corns in the pot then when cooked lather in honey then grill all over turning often.

cats5, Sep 22, 9:06pm
in crockpot put corned beef over top squeeze of golden syrup,1/4 tsp ground ginger ,tsp brown vinegar cook all day

cottagerose, Apr 9, 9:45pm
I dont as I find it goes too watery. I put a cup of water in and pour golden syrup over the top of silverside.
It turns out nice