Reduced cream ideas?

rokido, Aug 12, 4:10am
What else can you do with reduced cream besides make dip. Any ideas would be great. Thanks

jaci1, Aug 12, 4:23am
I use it for icing - with chocolate chips - melt in the microwave, and it's like ganache, only not quite the same, as obviously it's reduced cream as opposed to 'normal' cream, but it goes down a treat :)

jed, Aug 12, 5:14am
Add reduced cream and some orange juice to mashed kumera and bake. OR Add R. C to mashed pumpkin with some sauteed onion and bacon and some grated cheese and Maggi onion soup mix. Put a crumb topping on and bake in the oven for 30 mins. Really nice.

marcs, Aug 12, 7:47am
south island cheese rolls. They are yummy.

tiogapass, Aug 12, 11:27pm
Use in place of cream/sour cream in a stroganoff

rokido, Aug 13, 2:50am
Awesome ideas. I have made those south island cheese rolls before. They are yummy but had never thought of using reduced cream. Brought a few tins for 10c reduced to clear from pak n save and then couldn''t come up with ways to use it. Thanks alot.

naki45, Jan 21, 12:41am
I use it in a creamy fettucine sauce. And have also used before to replace fresh cream in garlic sauce for steak.

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