Quick question for anyone with Maggi chicken stock

carlos57, Aug 12, 4:11am
Hi. Just went to make the recipe off the Maggi chicken stock powder, only to find they've changed it! The one I'm after is called something like Golden Baked Chicken - I have a vague memory of the ingredients being breadcrumbs, chicken stock, paprika... . ? I've looked on the Maggi website, and there's a similar recipe, but not the one I've made before. Help very much appreciated :) TIA

245sam, Aug 12, 4:16am
here you are carlos57... . .
Golden Baked Chicken

1/4 cup dry breadcrumbs
1 tsp turmeric
2 tsp each of paprika and cumin seeds
1 tbsp chicken stock powder
1. 5 Kg chicken pieces
2 tbsp olive oil

Mix all, except the chicken and oil, then coat the chicken with the crumb mixture and place the coated chicken in a baking pan with the oil.
Bake at 200°Cfor 45-50 minutes until golden and cooked. :-))

carlos57, Jan 18, 12:43am
Thank you sooooo much :) Off to the kitchen now!