Cottage cheese

dorothy_vdh, Aug 10, 4:32am
what can Isubstitute cottage cheese with. I want to make chicken cannelloni, maybe tomorrow for dinner but it has cottage cheese in it.

And cottage cheese just looks like vomit to me

ferita, Aug 10, 4:35am
You dont like the taste of cottage cheese or the look of it?
Cooked cottage cheese tastes a lot different to uncooked

dorothy_vdh, Aug 10, 4:42am
to be honest I've never cooked with it. I can't get past the mind set I have of cottage cheese

ferita, Aug 10, 4:56am
You could try replacing it with cream cheese

martine5, Aug 10, 5:37am
I'd replace it with either ricotta or feta.

carriebradshaw, Aug 10, 5:56am
I use ricotta cheese when making cannelloni.

elliehen, Aug 10, 8:12am
dorothy, be adventurous and give it a go! Cottage cheese is rather flavourless on its own, but absorbs all the flavours it's cooked with and those who eat it won't even know it's there - but will enjoy it :)
Edited for apostrophes - am hooked on apostrophes, even moreso after reading the fabulously funny Lynne Truss's book, 'Eats, Shoots and Leaves'.

akd100, Aug 10, 8:15am
I would use ricotta too.

macandrosie, Aug 10, 8:49am
To be honest I agree you could add cream cheese or sour cream or feta cheese would be nice!

uli, Aug 10, 8:51am
I always thought it was "The Kiwi eats shoots and leaves ... "

uli, Aug 10, 8:53am
Dorothy after the muffin break - I thought you wouldn't start another thread like it - but here we go ...

I love cottage cheese and make it myself from goats milk.

Happy vomiting into your canelloni :)

elliehen, Aug 10, 10:56am
It's actually a play on a Panda joke. Depending on where you put the comma, the Panda either eats his greens, OR he eats, shoots something with his little gun and departs :)

Lynne Truss is amused by the so-called 'greengrocer's apostrophe', where signwriters, anxious about their apostrophes, bang them in before the 's' in a plural, as in "banana's", "cucumber's"etc... or "Kiwi's" ;)

dorothy_vdh, Aug 10, 8:15pm
I'm sorry obviously I'm not up to your obviously high standards. Luckily for me I think.

dorothy_vdh, Aug 10, 8:18pm
thanks to all other posters for offering me some other suggestions

ferita, Aug 10, 8:21pm
What a nasty thing to say.

davidt4, Aug 11, 2:14am
Here's where the vomit idea originated.

dorothy_vdh, Aug 11, 3:04am
I have decided to their are SOME people on here, (and whether it is right or wrong I really don't care) who have very low self esteem and because of that are bullies. We do have the right to disagree with peoples opinions.
We do have the right to ask questions and not made to feel like fools

thanks to elliehen advice, I have decided to try the cottage cheese.
So hopefully when I make it tomorrow I do enjoy it and get past the mind set I have of it

245sam, Aug 11, 3:22am
dorothy_vdh, I join elliehen's thoughts re you trying cottage cheese - it doesn't taste or smell anything like your perception of its appearance and using cottage cheese may quite possibly become a regular part of your food intake just as parmesan cheese is of ours. Having always avoided recipes using parmesan or simply omitted it because of the IMO vomit-smelling dry parmesan cheese which used to be the norm and only readily available form of parmesan. The smell of that parmesan was/is enough to put anyone off so one day some years ago I took the plunge and decided to buy a piece of the by-then reasonably readily available parmesan and grate it myself - what a pleasant surprise that was and parmesan has never been avoided or omitted since - I soo hope that you feel the same once you have tried cottage cheese and that you really enjoy your cannelloni. :-))

uli, Aug 11, 4:34am
So I am sure "dorothy" once you unscramble your sentences and let us know what you mean by: "I have decided to their are SOME people on here, (and whether it is right or wrong I really don't care) who have very low self esteem and because of that are bullies. " ... . then I could even say something about your thoughts there ... until then - good luck!

tehenga288, Aug 11, 4:41am
#1 you can use plain yoghurt drained overnight in a cloth ( I use a new chux cloth ) but I'm sure you will like the cottage cheese.
Good Luck

elliehen, Aug 11, 6:48am
uli, in the past you have often pleaded 'English as a second language' when you are defensive. May I offer you a little help with your translation of the German word 'seit'?

Yes, it can mean 'since' in some contexts, but more often it translates as 'for'. So when you say somethinglike, "I have been killing and eating my own goats since 20 years", it would be more felicitous to the ear and eye of the native English speaker if you wrote: "I have been killing and eating my own goats FOR 20 years".

Using 'since' when you should use 'for' (as you often do) really gets my goat ;)

nauru, Aug 11, 7:20am
Hi dorothy, drain yogurt in chux cloth like previous suggestion but try the greek yogurt, you will end up with very thick yogurt and it's a good substitute for cottage cheese or ricotta.
Just ignore all the snide remarks, not worth getting upset about. They have obviously got nothing better to do.

yodagirl, Jan 15, 9:06pm
I have a recipe for cannelonni with cottage cheese, from the KISS diet, its really nice, and you cant taste the cottage cheese, and when cooked it doesnt look unappealing at all. Gives the chicken inside the tubesa nice consistancy, and I use the cottage cheese with chives, and it just adds to the flavour... . . once its all mixes together in the blender you cant even tell its got cottage cheese in it. Worth a shot, maybe, but if your really against it, Ive used sour cream, ricotta, and cream cheese, not so diet friendly though!