How to roast pork successfully and not drying out

lisa35, Aug 10, 12:03am
I dont often cook pork because it becomes so dry, what am i doing wrong? ?

persioux, Aug 10, 12:22am
Have a look here lisa35. the secret is too leave the juices pink! ! ! Who would have thought! ! !

fisher, Aug 10, 1:03am
Well we were taught... white meat should NEVER be left pink...
so go figure...

fisher, Aug 10, 1:07am
Roast Pork
Preheat oven to 220c
2 - 3 cloves slivered garlic. . olive oil. . 2 - 3tsp salt. . 1/4tsp freshly ground pepper. . 1small bunch fresh rosemary. .
1 small bunch fresh sagerosemary sprigs or sliced peeled apples. . 1/2 cup water with few drops of lemon juice...
With a small sharp knife, cut slits into all sides of pork and insert slivers of garlic... Chilled pork is easier to score and cut...
Score right down to fat, pour over boiling water, let cool. Now dry off, rub with oil and sprinkle on "lots" of salt and black pepper.
Initially, roast for 20 minutes at 220°c ( this helps to get the fat bubbling under the skin ) Now open the door for a few minutes and turn the heat down to 180°c . . Place rosemary leaves and finely cut sage on top... Close the door again and roast for 1 hour, basting occasionally...
Remove the pork and turn up the oven back to 220°c... Final cooking time depends on size of roast and state of crackling...
Put the joint into a clean roasting pan and roast for a final 5 - 20 minutes... ( this final blast helps the crackling )
Roast pork until a meat thermometer inserted in centre of pork reaches between71 ~ 80 degree c...
You can sit it on a bed of rosemary sprigs OR sliced granny smith apples which you have poured the lemoned water over...
Transfer pork to cutting board. Let stand 15 minutes before slicing
Make an apple sauce using the apples ORlight gravy from the pan after removing the rosemary sprigs. .

beaker59, Aug 10, 1:18am
Its the fattier bits which are moist when roasted the back leg is now the most popular roast whereas the cheaper shoulder gives a much better result. Get a big shoulder roast cook it long and slow as Fisher suggested and you will be surprised howmuch better than a leg roast it comes out. Cooked properly the fat gets cooked out in the main anyway.

Our family favourite roast pork is a whole shoulder done in the kettle BBQ over charcoal with garlic and rosemary under skin and Rosemary wood added to charcoal occasionally. I do a huge one every christmas.

lisa35, Aug 10, 3:44am
Thanks so much to all

trading_gibsons, Aug 10, 3:55am
Try cooking in an oven bag.

ani4abuy, Aug 10, 4:31am
My roast pork is never dry. I roast it long and slow, on a low heat (120) in an open dish and cook it in dripping. I turn it up (180) for the last 1/2hr to finish off. My cracking is always crispy when I do it this way.

fisher, Aug 10, 4:48am
sounds magic beaker... I have had a few disappointments with roast pork way back and learnt it had to have that initial fire up to get the fat bubbling... then slower cooking until required internal temp reached... You are so correct with regards to pork fat... It is one fat that most folks will accept readily and hate seeing folks remove it. .
That thick layer of fat under the crackling is soooo tasty. .
I'd say your kettle roast would be somewhat smoked and very tasty

jaybee6, Aug 11, 7:52am
I had the same trouble but now I bung it into a roasting bag and put it in the crock pot or the oven and sit it in water bingo you have beautiful port that almost falls off the bone. Yum I love having pork now.

littleblackhen, Aug 15, 9:25am
I wrap my roast pork in butter wrappings and put it in roasting dish with the lid on, cook as you would a normal roast, then i take the skin off and salt it to place it under the grill for crackling.

korbo, Aug 15, 9:42pm
#10 yes we cook ours now in crock pot, and then pop under grill for the crackling. stays moist for a day or so... .

nauru, Aug 16, 4:44am
Same as korbo here, it always turns out nice and moist. Wouldn't go back to oven roasting pork.

gaspodetwd, Jan 29, 8:51pm
Oven roast long and slow. I have had so many compliments about it. Put it on and baste every 40 mins - and use a meat thermometer to ensure it is cooked through.