Where to buy runner beans in chch please

cherie19, Feb 21, 12:40am
Never see them in the shops. Maybe someone selling them on the side of the road?

stormbaby, Feb 21, 9:50am
Gosh, I am about to as I have soooo many. I had the kids geared up to sell some today (we are on the Main North Road) but the neighbour was out hanging her washing while I was picking them and scored a shopping bag full. Leave a note on one of my auctions. I don't suppose you have any tomatoes?

cherie19, Feb 24, 5:56am
Thanks for that stormbaby. No i dont have a garden at all. I live ova the other side of town. If i was closer i wld have no probs at all purchasing off children selling on side of road! Good on them! I will see if anybody closer has any for sale. Thanks again. Im in woolston area by the way.

stormbaby, Feb 24, 9:14am
If you leave your addy on one of my auctions we may be over that way at the weekend. I could leave a shopping bag full in your letterbox. Believe me, you would be doing me a favour! Now, anyone for peaches?

suzanna, Feb 24, 9:23am
Stormbaby if you're serious about peaches I would love some! Am just off Papanui Rd so not far away. Cheers.

suzanna, Feb 24, 9:31am
Oh Stormbaby I was so rude in my haste to post that I didn't even say please... my apology.

stormbaby, Sep 5, 2:13pm
No probs, I am out and about in Papanui tomorrow so can leave some either on my gate or can drop them by. Leave contact details on one of my auctions.

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