Freezing Rhubarb Muffins...

4crittersnmee, Jan 24, 1:04am
... is this possible?

The recipe...

I have so much rhubarb at the moment I need to freeze some things and would rather bake stuff to take out of the freezer than freeze all the rhubarb.

Any help would be very welcome.

245sam, Jan 24, 1:09am
4crittersnmee, am I right in thinking that you're asking re making those muffins and then freezing them? If that's what you're wanting to do then I would say 'go for it' - although I've never frozen rhubarb muffins I have very successfully frozen other varieties of muffins so I know of no reason why those rhubarb muffins shouldn't be ok. :-))

nanasee1, Jan 24, 1:18am
4crittersnme I regularly freeze rhubarb muffins. I wrap them individually & they are fine.

4crittersnmee, Jan 24, 1:37am
thanks! I'll give it a go.

elliehen, Jan 25, 9:21am
I make a rhubarb sour cream cake which has 3 cups of chopped raw rhubarb in it and it freezes perfectly... just found one at the back of the freezer which has been there since November ;)

cgvl, Jul 16, 12:05am
I make all sorts of muffins and freeze them, Usually just pack into an empty ice cream container first, then take out as many as needed.
They are great frozen and a zap in the microwave to thaw makes them like straight from oven

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