Freezing fried mini samosas/ spring rolls

bappy, Jul 29, 10:46pm
I was thinking of deep frying samosas and springrolls and then freezing them until I need them next weekend. Do you think it will work out alright or will they be all soggy when I thaw them out? Would leaving them in a hotcase/ piewarmer from the freezer make it alright?

daleaway, Jul 30, 12:14am
I have not done this. I would be wary of it.

However I have oven-baked the frozen mini-samosas you can buy by the boxload, with and without brushing them with oil. Both work. Without oil they are still crisp and tasty, but have fewer calories of course.

You don't need to deepfry them at all.

ferita, Dec 9, 8:40am
Is there anyway you can deep fry them just before serving?
They will probably taste pretty bad if you froze them after deep frying them. They have already been frozen so there is a food poisoning risk as well

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