Decor spice set

samsnan, Jul 29, 4:49am
A long while back I purchased one from either The Plastic Box or Payless Plastics. I went back recently to get another 2 sets and they didnt have any. and cannot seem to get any. They were little square clear containers sitting in a low sided tray. Does anyone know where I could get some more?

nzhel, Jul 29, 5:14am
I bought them in Aust - and haven't seen them here yet. Excellent little sets too. Maybe if you are going over there or know of someone that is you could get more. I just got mine in a Coles supermarket.

samsnan, Dec 7, 10:11pm
Thanks for that nzhel that was going to be my next try. I have a daughter living there so will see if she can pick a few sets up. Yes they certainly have been here but must have been briefly.

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