Mmmmmm indian spice shops....r the best

purplegoanna, Jul 21, 6:40am
i spent 45mins just meandering & smelling the rich smells... . . i got some beautiful coriander & cumin seeds going back for more stuff next payday... . & to top it off the chicken & potato samosa i got on the way out was devine

motorbo, Jul 21, 6:47am
hmmm sounds nice im not a big fan of indian food though but the smell would have been awesome!

beaker59, Jul 21, 7:11am
I like the one at Birkenhead don't know the name but they do meal packs with cooking instructions and all the genuine spices etc in individual sachets like a kitset curry. absolutely gorgeous results.

purplegoanna, Jul 21, 7:24am
ditto woolworths sells exactly the same thing, each indian meal pack has wee bags of each spice + the instructions... ... just gotta get the lamb so i can do rogan josh over the weekend. .

beaker59, Nov 16, 3:59pm
I got one of thier packs out of the cupboard they are sold in supermarkets as well "Spice n Easy" is the brandthey have a website I thought I could cook a reasonable curry but these packs and instructions took me to a new level. Nice people too and once you have made the recipe from a pack you can buy all the neccesary spices in bulk out of thier shop. They also do cooking classes I think.