Mushroom soup, and chicken and corn soup anyone???

v8power, Jul 26, 3:02am
Does anyone have a good recipe for the above soups done in a slow cooker?

245sam, Nov 30, 10:40am
v8power, when I saw the heading to your thread I thought, Yes - I have a good recipe for both soups but honestly I wouldn't, and don't, make either of those soups in the crockpot/slowcooker; however having said that I would definitely make the chicken stock for the chicken and corn soup in the cp/slowcooker. The recipe I use for mushroom soup is quickly and easily made in the microwave whilst the chicken and corn soup, using the homemade chicken stock, can be made in either the microwave or on the stove-top because it's so quick cooking by either method. The recipes I use could be found at trademecooks and can still be found via the download-able trademecooks at:-

Hope that helps. :-))