Rawena bread for maori language week

joro4us, Jul 24, 8:26am
Recipe please and any other easy recipes that could be use for small children fro maori language week please. thanks

juliewn, Jul 24, 8:47am
Hi Joro. . if you type 'Maori' or 'Rewana' into the messageboard search bar to the left of your screen, and change the 'last 24 hours' to 'anytime' by clicking on the little blue arrow, a number of threads with recipes will come up. .

Enjoy making them with the children. .

uli, Nov 24, 10:52am
Rewana bread is not really an "easy" recipe to do with small children. I guess a boil-up with doughboys might be easier? Frybread with hot fat maybe not? Hmmm ...

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