Panasonic whole grain bread

kenilik, Jan 23, 6:34am

We recently purchased one of Consumer's recommended Panasonic breadmaker and have loved the white loaves we're getting from it. They are light, fluffy and delicious without any real effort. However we are having trouble getting a good whole grain loaf from it. The whole grain recipe is a solid heavy loaf - yummy grains - but a bit like a scone than loaf of bread. I have tried tinkering slightly with the Panasonic recipe by replacing the whole meal flour with white and increasing the yeast slightly but no joy. We're after a loaf similar to the white but with the grains throughout - any ideas?



lindylambchops1, Jan 23, 6:40am
I make the white loaf & just add 1/4 cup mixed grains to the recipe.

cgvl, Jan 23, 9:38am
I do what she does ^ lol.
I make a wholemeal loaf too but just use the normal white loaf ie 600g flour but use 500g flour and 100g bakers bran flakes and about 50g of rye meal flour.
If doing a mixed grain its 500g flour, 75g rolled oats, 25 of bran and then a couple of handfuls of wholegrains.
make all on the basic white dough recipe, I may add a little more water to the mix if am doing it overnight as the rolled oats and bran will soak up water.

gotland3, Jan 24, 12:01am
Cant help much because I dont really measure the contents that much. Only the yeast. Try a good splash of olive oil, handfull of mixed grain,dessert spoon blackstrap molasses. No sugar,only a couple of pinches of salt. Handfull whole oats.

kiwitrish, Jan 24, 1:19am
I do half andhalf sometimes but if making the wholegrain bread, I take out a couple of tablespoons of the flour and add a couple of tablespoons of gluten flour.Makes it a bit better.

timetable, Jan 24, 1:19am
do you have a wheat or wholemeal setting on your menu selection?i had on my old one and i found that if i used that it came out lovely...i now have a sunbeam and use the following recipe (adjusted panasonic one) and get a lovely 1.5kg loaf every time:
in the following order place in your bread pan:
470ml's water, 2 1/2 Tlb oil, 1 3/4tsp salt, 2tsp sugar, 5 cups white flour, 2 Tlb milk powder, make a small well in the middle of the flour and add 4 tsp yeast (i use the supa bake from bin inn, the 1.5kg tub) and then sprinkle around the outside of the flour 6 - 8 tsp of mixed grains (again i get mine from bin inn and its only about $3 - $4 for a kilo.its a bread grain mix that they get in) then set my machine on med crust, 1.5kg loaf and wheat setting on the menu.
it really is a lovely loaf every time!!all the best and have fun..

peter148, Feb 25, 10:06am
If you use some cooked rice you will get a lighter loaf than using white flour.Also you can an an egg to the bread mix, it gives the loaf a fuller flavour.
Oh, and I get better results with my breville if I cook the wholegrain loaves using the white bread settings., and the crust darkness setting turned up a notch