Why does my bread stick when I use a ....

badd7, Jan 29, 3:54am
pizza stone. What am i doing wrong? I oil the pizza stone but the bread still sticks. any ideas please.... tia

kiwibubbles, Jan 29, 4:00am
coat bottom with semolina - also said this in your other thread lol

kiwibubbles, Jan 29, 4:01am
is the pizza stone hot when you use it?

badd7, Jan 29, 4:04am
thanks - i put this in general discussion too....sorry for the double up.recipes thread normally alot slower.

badd7, Jan 29, 4:15am
have had pizza stone hot last time and cold this time.

sumstyle, Jan 29, 5:14am
We're too busy in the kitchen!I agree with the semolina suggestion

nanasee1, Mar 7, 12:03pm
I heat my stone in the oven from cold to the temperature I want to use. Before I put the dough on the stone I lightly sprinkle the stone with cornmeal - haven't had the bread stick using this method.