hetty_c, Jul 20, 5:56pm
Could anyone help me with the instructions for use. I bought one in Australia last week and when I arrived home found the instructions were missing. I have searched on line and found receipes etc. , but no instructions . I am sure this is a cheaper version of the real thing. It just states Jumbo Cupcake on the box, and similar to as seen on TV. No brand name. 25 times the size of regular cupcakes. Thats all is states. It shows Jumbo top, Jumbo Bottom and Easy fill insert. I really need help as I obviously would like the instructions to make a cake for grandsons birthday.
Thank you.

lulu239, Jul 20, 8:24pm
Someone may be able to help. The only thing I would suggest is to write to the distributor for help. Is it a silicone one? I see them on amazon.com. Hope you can get some help. Husband bought a car radio only to find the instructions missing.

lilyfield, Jul 20, 8:30pm
I would just use a recipe that makes about 25 cupcakes. Bung it in and cook like any other cake in a biggish tin. Try it out with a cheap recipe- if total failure- serve as steam pudding with custard.

hetty_c, Jul 20, 9:37pm
Thank you all for the advice. It is not the receipe I need, but what to do with the three different articles, just need some information.

levintofu, Jul 20, 9:44pm
you fill the two parts (the bottom and the top) and the third part is optional its a lid for the bottom part which throw on the bottom part during baking and once cooled you'll have a little dent which you can then use to fill with jam or whatever filling your after

like this

Top_4. jpg

and then optionally this

Top_3. jpg

levintofu, Jul 20, 9:48pm
also just a few tips

* If your recipe has SR flour or baking soda/rising agent in it, you will need to fill to half or higher to get enough of a cake for it to look right and not like a cupcake that didn’t get as tall as the rest of them. Don’t fill over 3/4 – or if you do for some reason, put it on an oven tray so it can catch the cupcake explosion over the sides. :P

* Let it cool for ten minutes before you even try and remove it from the silicon, or it will stick to the sides and not come out properly. Same thing will happen if it’s not cooked properly either. A very very light spray with some oil may help, even though I know you don’t need to oil silicon normally, it just helps with the slidey factor.

* 5 minutes before the appointed baking time for your recipe is up, check it with a skewer – diagonally, not straight down. For example, go from one corner of the cake right down into the other. If it even comes back with a hint of batter on it, you need to check again in another 5-10 minutes. As soon as it is clean though and the top looks stable, get it out of the oven.

hetty_c, Jul 20, 11:31pm
Thank you levintofu, you have been very helpfull.

lisa7, Nov 17, 3:12am
I got the silicon giant cupcake. It has 3 parts, the top, bottom and filler. Let me know if you want me to scan the instructions. I purchased if off catchoftheday.co.nz, bargain price of $9. 95!