Pumkin Soup recipe

1mlost, Jul 16, 9:04am
I used to have a real yummie pumkin soup recipe with chicken stock and a can of cream corn in it does anyone know the one I`m looking for pleasee

1mlost, Jul 16, 9:06am
bumping for a recipe

1mlost, Jul 16, 9:09am
don`t want to seem pushie folks but i`d love this recipe

nzhel, Jul 16, 9:18am
Have you tried using the search function on the left? Just put in 'pumpkin soup' and select 'anytime' where it says 'date posted' - you should get some results there.

1mlost, Jul 16, 9:23am
thank you so much, i`ll give it ago

korbo, Nov 2, 4:01pm
i would make up a normal pumpkin recipe and just put the can of corn in... . . plenty of recipes for pumpkin soup.