Soup recipe

shelley39, Jul 16, 5:02am
I would like to make some soup tomorrow but dont want vegetable or pumpkin. What other soups are nice. Will make it in the crockpot.

aquarianchick, Jul 16, 5:13am
Beef and vege maybe?

245sam, Jul 16, 5:16am
shelley39, have a look at:- php? f=10&t=198
(A variety of Crockpot Soups there)

and php? f=22
(Soup recipes of just about any and every kind there)

Hope the above help. :-))

shelley39, Jul 16, 8:54am
Thank you I will find a nice soup recipe. I am sick of vege or pumpkin.

grouch, Jul 16, 9:09pm
Chicken and Sweet Corn.

motorbo, Nov 2, 5:09pm
oh yes the real macoy you cant beat it, complete with the swirl of egg white and spring onion

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