Calling Lulu please (baking smaller portions)

calista, Jul 15, 7:05am
Hi Lulu. On a thread about cookessentials pumpkin loaf you said you had made 6 petite loaves, rather than 2 medium ones with the mixture.

About what temperature and for how long did you cook them please? I'm hoping to make smaller loaves to give away to elderly friends, as the medium size is a bit overwhelming for some.

If anyone else does this with recipes please feel free to add your expertise.


calista, Jul 17, 2:32am
Hoping for an answer -please - anyone

lulu239, Jul 17, 4:42am
Hi calista, I'm here. I start peeking and feeling just before 1 hour. Ovens are so different, I'm sorry I can't be more definite. Good luck with them. Yes, any other suggestions more than welcome.

calista, Jul 18, 12:56am
Thanks lulu. Do you lower the temperature at all?

(The only experience I have of baking in smaller tins is Alison Holst's Christmas cakes, and she cooks then at slightly lower temps).

lulu239, Jul 18, 2:06am
Hi calista. I put them in at the same temperature - 175°C.

calista, Nov 8, 9:52am
Thanks Lulu - you're a star. I'm going to try making c/e's pumpkin loaf as well as well as an Alison Holst ginger loaf - then who knows?