Any tasty gurnard recipes?

hel.ben, Jul 14, 2:24am
We caught ourselves a couple of nice gurnard this morn and am wanting to find something different to do with them, maybe baking them instead of frying for a change :)Any ideas will be greatly appreciated :)

245sam, Jul 14, 2:30am
gurnard - my favourite fish hel. ben and two of my favourite ways of having gurnard are

Lemon Crumbed Fish (baked not fried) and Creamy Gurnard with Paprika - they're the last two recipes at:- php? f=24&t=382

Yum - I wish I could line up at your meal table tonight. :-))

hel.ben, Jul 14, 2:41am
LOLI Just read what I wrote in my 1st post and noticed I wrote baking instead of frying. What I was meaning to say was I was wondering about baking it whole. Whenever we have fish I am usually crumbing it so want to have a change :)The creamy gurnard sounds scrummy tho! It just boils down tomebeing bothered to filleting the fish hahahahah

purplegoanna, Jul 14, 3:20am
stuff them with crushed up 'green onion potato chips'! trust me it makes a devinely flavoured stuffing... . .

beaker59, Oct 26, 10:18am
I'd swap Snapper for gurnard any day my favourite but I would be boring and skin and bone the fillets dust in flour and fry in butter one of the nicest fish in the sea. Save the baking whole with herbs and spices etc for the flatter fish like snapper and terakihi. The other day on the boat for lunch out of curiosity I fried whole scaled yallowtail they were fantastic and the british tourists I had out for the day couldn't believe us Kiwis normally use them as bait or catfood.