Scramble eggs

ykatoman, Jul 13, 5:16am
It scramble eggs tonight, and was after peoples favourite recipe, and what else do you add to it.

elliehen, Jul 13, 5:26am
For me, about 2 Tbsp water per egg, a dollop of sour cream and after brief and gentle cooking, a sprinkle of some finely chopped parsley.

trading_gibsons, Jul 13, 5:32am
eggs, salt & pepper, cream, your favourite cheese & cooked spinach (well chopped)

beaker59, Jul 13, 5:46am
I used to use heaps of additives etc like onion, cheese, herbs like corriander parsley etc curry powder and techniques like poaching in milk before stirring up so as to get white and yellow multicolored scrambled eggs but nowdays I just go very basic. about 2/3 eggs 1/3 milk lightly beaten a knob of butter and salt then put over low heat and stir until nearly ready to set then leave for a few minutes turn over leave a bit then turn heat off when nearly cooked but not quite allow to sit a couple of minutes. I like mine to be soft and almost runny in places and firm in general.

ferita, Oct 23, 4:11pm
I add a dash of cream to mine and cook in butter. Take it off the heat before it sets and stir. Good scrambled eggs will be creamy and not stringy (some people like stringy though)