Lamb Casserole help please.....

toadfish, Jul 11, 7:07am
Foodtown sells Lamb bone piece packs really really cheaply ($1. 99 per kg), I have always avoided them as they are more fat than anything... but in the middle of all the packs was this huge 1. 5Kg pack of shoulder chops (about 6 huge meaty ones)... for $2. 95... not even reduced. Couldn't resist it. Now they are slighly fattier than I would normally chose... not too bad but I don't like lamb fat at all in my casserole... . don't like the way it feels in my mouth... I normally put lean shoulder chops in the crockpot with carrots, onions, barley & a maggi mix.

I think with these I want to cook them... . skim them and then use them... but I am not sure of the procedure and when to add things.

Do I slow cook them with carrots & onions with plenty of water... . let it go cold take off the fat... then add the barley and packet mix and cook for another few hours? ? ...

I think if I was to add it all at the beginning the barley would absorb the fat, and it wouldn't sit on top as there wouldn't be much liquid... do you know what i mean? ? ?

Any help from anyone greatly appreciated

darlingmole, Jul 11, 7:46am
Hi Toady~! Yeah I hear what your saying re the fat thing. I'd most likely cook the meat first overnight, next day skim the fat off and make the rest of the soup up with barley/lentils veges etc and slow cook during the day. BTW you are THE best shopper I know! Wish I spotted the bargains you do ...

fisher, Jul 11, 8:07am
Toady. . just sat down after pulling the crockpot out for tomorrow. . for the same thing... .
Like you I dislike "sheep" fat and will cut most of it off and discard. .
I will chop a red onion and a large green onion to make a bed for my chops to sit on. . I'm adding a chunky chopped up swede, some celery and green capsicum from my garden. . 4 chunky choppedcarrots, about 30 tiny jersey bennies, the last from my garden scrubbed with skin on and later half hour before serving some button mushrooms halved. . To the crockpot, I will add some vegetable stock and water. . salt, pepper a crushed beef oxo cube, a knife crushed garlic clove, a tsp of marmite and a wee bouquet of rosemary, parsley and thyme tied together with wire and submerging:} the level being just to the top of the ingredients. .
Fire it up on auto about 11. 00am and let it go till about 6. 00 pm adding the mushrooms at 5. 30pm. . doing a taste test at that time and making adjustment if required. .
Go on try it:} just remove at least 90% of the fat. .
A meal all done at once... :}

toadfish, Jul 11, 8:13am
That sounds tasty fisher... . Will you cover it in stock or just have a cup or so at the bottom? ... Will give it a whirl, Still think i need to cook, cool and lift of the white stuff... then I can add all or at least some of your bits and pieces.

Thanks heaps

pickles7, Jul 11, 8:15am
No! ! ! not, marmite. Not with lamb. or, beef oxo cube, both as bad as one another. A can of peas, without the mint, yes, near the end of the cooking time, thicken a little, use the pea juice from the can... . . now you are cooking.

fisher, Jul 11, 8:24am
I use about 300 ml of vege stock if its store bought and water or all stock if I make it myself by boiling for an hour, all the peelings, stalks and leaves adding water as required...
(spud peeling, swede peelings, celery tops and leaves, carrot peelings, all the bits from the capsicums seeds and all, and grab a cabbage leaf or two from the fridge)
Once all the ingredients are in , you just want the liquid level "just" covering... . The crockpot will produce more liquid but will evaporate, retaining this level... Have you ever noticed that... The level never increases. . :} Honestly. . ! ! ! if you cut all the fat off it will be great. .
I make this with lamb neck chops as well. . I really dont like the fat taste like you but you will enjoy this and the dish needs a "little" of the fat a taste... I just got all my stuff/veges out and will make my own stock but add some store bought as well. . prob a wee splash of Worcestershire as well... just a splash... :}

fisher, Jul 11, 8:26am
. can of peas. . oh and dont use mint which is the prime herb used with lamb... sooooo funny...

toadfish, Jul 21, 6:40pm
Well it was beautiful... a bit of a process but delicious. I cooked it for 2 hours on Tuesday night, while Tuesday nights dinner was cooking. I put in with it about 2 cups of water, chicken stock, Salt & pepper, carrots & onions. Then when warm I scooped out all the meat, onions & carrots and put them in another casserole dish with a lid. Then I put it all in the fridge. Yesterday morning I lifted off the hard white fat... added the meat and onions back in and put it back in the fridge. Then at 4. 00pm back in the oven it went again... . and was served for dinner with mash potatoes and peas... . and was DELICIOUS! ! !

lizab, Jul 21, 11:26pm
sounds yum toadfish! ! !

fisher, Jul 22, 2:27am
Toady... did you brown the meat first... ? ? ?

toadfish, Jul 22, 2:53am
Yes I did... . Hubby said... What are you doing? ? ? and I said... . "Browning my meat... Coz Fisher said I have to! "... . . Smelt beautiful... even though we had snitzel baking at the time (how to confuse hubby... let him smell one thing and serve him up another lol). I tell you it was really lovely... . but a bit of a process... . . Good things take time eh... .

fisher, Jul 22, 5:48am
lol... good ole S... bet he had a smile on his face. .
With the new drugs I take for my illness. . I have lost ALL sense of smell and half my sense of taste. . not good for a cookie who loves food eh:{ ... such is life. .

whiskey13, Jul 4, 12:43pm
Bump so i can find it in the morning

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