George Foreman food steamer

samsnan, Feb 18, 3:22am
Has anyone got one? Do you like it and do you use it often? . Flybuys have them in there catalogue thinking about getting one but did wonder whether I might use it a couple of times and end up throwing it in the cupboard with the other rather useless stuff I tend to buy. I know its quite big so will take up quite a bit of room.
A friend of mine has one and loves it. No family at home so just for the 2 of us. TIA

245sam, Feb 18, 3:30am
samsnan, I do have one - it's a fairly new purchase so I'm still getting used to using it but I can tell you that it is much more compact that you may be thinking it would be for storage. We were really suprised at the size of the box it came in and wondered if it was all there! but it was - the three steamer baskets are designed to, and do, fit inside each other which makes the whole unit much more compact for storage and the baskets are numbered too so that (a) if they're placed one inside the other in the correct order they don't/can't get stuck and (b) they sit securely one on top of the other when in use. Another point that you may be interested in, is the fact that all parts, except the actual base unit, are dishwashable.

Hope that helps. :-))

-deviance-, Aug 17, 7:42am
I have a george forman steamer and absolutly love it! ! ! ! We use ours most nights and it has a permanent place sitting on the bench. There is only my partner and I and its so easy he can even use it lol :)

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