Best type of chocolate for a choc fondue

dollydot, Jul 7, 1:34am
What's the best type of chocolate to use in a chocolate fondue? Does it need to be Swiss chocolate or maybe cooking chocolate? The instructions say to melt it first in another container then transfer to the fondue bowl which is heated by a tea light candle. Also what are great things to dip apart from strawberries which are not in season now? Nuts, crystalised ginger are two I can think of. It's a blast from the past since I had my first oil fondue in the 80's. This one is for hubby to make some chocolate creations!

dollydot, Jul 7, 8:41am
Bump, any special choc ideas? ?

rkcroft, Oct 7, 4:47pm
personally, I would only use good quality chocolate and thin it down with some cocoa butter. However, the heat from the tea light could be too much and might burn the good chocolate, so if you're not fussy on taste, then go for compound chocolate which is a lot more robust - i. e. Nestle Melts etc. Ideas of what to dip: marshmallows, dried apricots, or any dried fruit, biscotti, sponge cake squares, sliced bananas.

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