How you cook pork chops?

georgie_pie21, Feb 17, 9:43pm
I was thinking about putting them in a baking dish and covering them in Watties Italian Tomatoes and baking them like that. Would that work?

cappucino1, Feb 17, 10:24pm
Yes that should work fine. Just so long as you make sure that there is enough of the liquid (sauce) so that they don't dry out during cooking. You could also use an apple sauce or something similar, that goes nicely with pork, but I'm sure the Italian tomatoes will be yummy.

seniorbones, Feb 18, 12:04am
I crumb mine and bake in the oven, flour/egg/breadcrumbs bit of oil in pan-just enough to stop them sticky as they are fatty sometimes-and bake around 30-40mins turning once. They are lovely and moist cooked this way. Ihave told lots of people this way and they too say its the best. nice with gravy or apple sauce.

angel404, Feb 18, 12:18am
bbq or oven. i like the crackling (if any) to be crunchy.

seaspray1, Feb 18, 12:26am
I sprinkle them with flour then brown them in a pan. Then juice of an orange, 1 tablespoon of brown sugar and a half teaspoon of ground ginger and bake them in the oven for 30ish minutes. I thicken any of the sauce left - sometimes there is some and sometimes there is not and serve it with the pork. YUM

darlingmole, Aug 16, 12:57pm
place onion rings on the bottom of the dish you're intending to cook chops in, place chops on top, sprinkle with salt/pepper a pinch of brown sugar, splash of soya sauce and then top with more onion rings. It comes out really tender. If you want the crackle then don't place the onion rings on the rind

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