Carrot Cake - would this work?

gussiej, Feb 17, 3:30pm
If I made the carrot cake mix up but cooked it in muffin tins? (p. s. it's my first time making a carrot cake). TIA.

sammie55, Feb 17, 4:41pm
Yes it would, of course you just amend the cooking time to suit.

gussiej, Feb 17, 9:25pm
Thank you sammie. Bit of a silly question I know, but I just wasn't too sure. Will keep a close eye on it while it cooks.

michelle_09, Feb 17, 10:03pm
i don't know what temperature that you are cooking the cake at, but reduce the temperature that the cake recipe says by a wee bit, 10 degrees maybe, and just watch the muffins. Sounds yum!

gussiej, Feb 17, 10:15pm
Thanks michelle. The cake recipe say 160 degrees which I thought was quite a low heat. It might be a bit of trial and error this first time.

michelle_09, Aug 19, 2:59am
How did they turn out?

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