Banana Cake HELP

demon6princess, Jun 29, 6:04am
I only have 1 banana :( I can still make a cake cant i?

lindi4, Jun 29, 6:10am
Thats funny... was thinking halve the recipe and sort out it's size... . . someone more professional should be able to help. But I reckon just make the cake with 1 banana and it will be fine.

kaysu, Jun 29, 8:53am
Halve & bake in a loaf tin.

muffycaz, Jun 29, 9:30am
I would halve. If you make whole cake with 1 banana it will turn out too dry.

lilyfield, Jun 29, 9:31am
add a grated apple- or a couple of Kiwis

deus701, Jun 29, 9:33am
make banana muffins

slice the banana into little chunks and push 2-3 pieces into each muffin mixture

poppy62, Jun 29, 9:39am
Substitute the banana for some apple or something else. I have done this and the cake had turned out great. Last time I put it some passionfruit curd and the cake was delicious. Not exactly a banana cake anymore of course but very nice just the same.

demon6princess, Jun 29, 11:00am
Oh! thanks :) I have run out of time now (typical demon) but i dont have any other fruit :( maybe another day

tinkagirl, Jun 30, 1:37am
add chocolate and have a chocolate banana cake. . yummy

darlingmole, Sep 18, 4:14pm
When the kids have nicked my other banana (recipe requires 2) I either add half a tin of tinned fruit or else a pottle of fruit yoghurt ... takes a bit longer to cook but lovely n moist

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