Hard bolied egg and banana salad

darkestangel1, Dec 21, 6:42am
Has anyone got any suggestions or recieps for this banana salad with hard boiled eggs please! I haven't tried it - and only found the idea here - but it's interesting to me - so please help if you can.

liamjosh, Dec 21, 6:44am
Never heard of that but an old favourite of mine is banana and onion salad.You need to prepare as close to serving as possible.

Finely dice onion
Cut up banana into small cubes
Mix with home made condensed mild dressing

leebee35, Dec 21, 8:54am
I have an amazing Banana and Kumara salad recipe if anyone wants it.

fec2003, Dec 21, 9:08am
They serve a banana salad at The Huntsman Steakhouse, in Dunedin. Maybe they will tell you what's in it, if you call them!

kazzy2, Dec 22, 4:00am
Sliced banana, and a mixture of Mayo, chutney and some curry powder, it is delicious!Sorry don't know the measurements, but hlaf the amount of chutney to mayo - and Mrs Balls chutnet is gooddddd :0)

gerry64, Dec 9, 6:05am
had this recently at a restaurant and it was yummy - bananas are so cheap over here but I cant remember what else was in it -dressing was creamy witha bit of heat - any ideas?