Making butter go further

joy1010, Jun 27, 4:11am
I wonder if anyone knows what the bakeries use to make their butter stay soft and makes it go further. I had the recipe years ago and I think it had dissolved gelatine added to it and beaten well. Makes lovely butter and goes further and best of all is always spreadable. I thought I might try it again as it is delicious and always easy to spread.

uli, Jun 27, 4:41am
Some people simply add oil to it, beat it all up - then fridge it.

Gelatine would need to be dissolved first - and everything kept very clean - if you want to keep it longer than a day or two. Otherwise it would go mouldy rather quickly.
I wouldn't do that. You could also only use it as a spread. Not for cooking, frying or baking.

pam.delilah, Jun 27, 4:45am
how about this one

SPREADABLE BUTTER: 500g soft real butter 200ml sunflower oil or olive oil The sunflower oil contains less cholesterol than olive oil. 200ml cold tap water Put the soft butter in a mixing bowl and mix till it is a soft consistency. Add slowly the oil mixing on a medium to high speed all the time. Then add the water and lower the speed otherwise it will splash around. After a while the water has emulsified with the butter and oil and you can get the speed up again. Store the spreadable butter in glass jars.

cookessentials, Sep 18, 3:00am
I remember in the school lunch room when my Mum helped there while we were at school, they just used to whip it till nearly white- no other additives.

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