Icing a fruit cake

chevvette, Jun 23, 8:20am
Hi everyone. am making a fruit cake for my nanas 80th and wondering what to use to ice it and how. Thought fondant would be the easiest but have not used it before so no idea how to go about it. Any advice please on what is best. Cheers

cookessentials, Jul 4, 10:57pm
Hi chevette - normally an almond paste and then a fondant or royal iceing over that. I am sure that someone here who decorates cakes could give you some advice.

harrislucinda, Jul 4, 11:15pm
foraxmasfruitcake orsimularispreadwithjamtomakealmondpastestick

fifie, Sep 29, 6:05pm
chevette for fondant icing you are best with almond pasteunderneath it, or the fruit will show through the fondant. Warm up some apricot jam brush cake with this then put your almond paste on. Let dry 24hrs then brush the paste with unbeaten egg white this helps the fondant slide into place, roll out fondant then put it on top trim and decorate. Suggest you go to Wiltons have a look heaps of tips and ideas there, and if using fondant make a round cake its easier to cover than a square one getting the corners right. hope this helps you. http://www.wilton.com/decorating/fondant/rolled-fondant. cfm