Crockpot roast pork

evdptv, Jun 23, 4:15am
Does anyone know a good way of cooking a shoulder of pork in the crockpot. Thanks

tipsy_bl0nde, Jun 23, 4:18am
im not sure but hopefully someone out there does... definitely will be watching to find out.

rolznsp, Jun 23, 4:42am
I just cover mine in crushed garlic, crushed ginger then poor over some masterfoods marinade flavour honey soy and garlic. salt and pepper. Leave to cook for time frame. Cut off fat and crackle chuck on some tin foil and under the grill. Then cutt up meat and add some cornflour to juices to make gravey... beautiful!

evdptv, Jun 23, 7:19am
Thanks rolznsp, do you cook on low or high and how long for

rolznsp, Jun 23, 9:09am
i cooked mine last week on low for 8 hours for 1kg roast. . i tend to only cook on low as its a sloowww cooker and meats tend to melt in your mouth on low.

nfh1, Jun 23, 9:40am
I stand mine on lemons and onions thickly sliced. I add no liquid as advised on here - but I must admit I was worried about that the first time I tried it!

evdptv, Jun 23, 9:37pm
OK another question, so do you cook it with the fat on, then cut it off once it is cooked and chuck it in the oven to make it crunchy

nfh1, Jun 24, 7:11am
I hate fat so cut it all off and throw it away, so I am not much help at all on that one!

shickenmcboing, Sep 5, 11:47am
place in crockpot with fat removed tip i bottle of bit on the side apple sauce over meat apple goes all thru meat making it so tender i cook all day on low

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