Filling ideas for Beef Cordon Bleu please

xtownie, Jun 20, 8:34am
I usually just fill with ham and cheese but have friends coming for tea and thought it would be nice to try something a bit more exciting? Any ideas of good combinations?

kcng, Jun 20, 7:38pm
I buy it from butcher with a smoked cheese and garlic butter filling - delish! ! !

margyr, Jun 20, 8:15pm
finely chopped gherkins and spread the pocket with a nice relish or pickle first, bacon and cheese, if you use grated cheese add some onion and the gherkin to this.

fisher, Aug 23, 12:00pm
Pre fried bacon bits, mushrooms, cheeses (try Blue vein), caramelised onions, ham, prunes, fried red capsicum. . pre fried sage leaves

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