Ideas to use up a 500ml bottle of cream?

alebix, Jun 18, 1:10am
Freeze it. .

indy95, Jun 18, 1:20am
Freeze it in several small containers to use for enriching sauces, or combine with an equal amount of melted dark chocolate to make a ganache and freeze that for future use, or ( my personal favourite ) throw caution out the window, make a very large moist chocolate cake, cover it with the ganache and invite friends, neighbours and/or family over for an impromptu afternoon tea sometime during the weekend.

pickles7, Jun 18, 1:21am
make your own butter. whip up and use as a body paint. Whip up and add sugar mustard curry powder salt and pepper, a dash of vinegar , tasty body paint or dressing for salad etc.

raewyn64, Jun 18, 3:27am
mix in a sachet of onion soup and pour it over sliced potoates. Bake in the oven for about an hour or until the potatoes are cooked. Yum!

t.rose, Jun 18, 3:30am
agree with raewyn, thats always how our leftover cream is used but i add chopped up kumara, carrots and broccoli too then top with grated cheese.
you could

holdenss, Jun 18, 3:44am
You got it! mmm creamy Kumara. I also add abit of white pepper/garlic and sage to that mix, The best!

talent.scout, Jun 18, 3:58am
cream = soup
or ambrosia...

indigojo, Jun 18, 4:24am
instant pudding with half cream and half milk...

antoniab, Jun 18, 4:56am
Thanks peps, potato/vege idea sounds good - like a cheaperdauphinoise recipe. Mmm and the ganache but Im sure Id just eat it before it got in the freezer!

marielize1, Jun 18, 5:01am
Creamed spinach for supper and whipped cream and berries for desert, then use the last few drops for your coffee

traceedwards, Jun 18, 5:02am
treat yourself

Cream on anything that warrants it.

antoniab, Jun 18, 5:07am
Lol that could get dangerous! I used to make milos with cream when I was a kid and loves going to my Grans as she would let me have rice bubbles with raw sugar and cream for breakfast - loved it! :)

juliewn, Aug 16, 10:56pm
Cream is rather delicious on porridge too. . especially with brown sugar. . :-)