Casserole chops in crockpot...too fatty

lindi4, Jun 16, 5:13am
Have been putting chops in slow cooker with a packet of gravy mix and cup of water for 4hrs but the fat comes out of them and when i thicken at the end they are fatty. Should I cut the fat off first and also fry chops first?

fisher, Jun 16, 5:20am
lindi4... yes chop ALL the fat off first... I use a saucepan with some oil rather than a frypan to brown them as the lid can go on and save all the splattering... once you have browned all the chops, throw all your french cut onions in the saucepan which will remove all the browning and flavours from the bottom. . Into crockpot and chops on top... add stock and away you go with your recipe...

lindi4, Jun 16, 5:33am
Thanks heaps... you're so helpful

uli, Jun 16, 6:12am
send all the fat to me :)
I will take it for free :)

fisher, Jun 16, 6:23am
lol. . uli. . so funny. . I leave the fat on my steak so it accentuates flavour but I really hate fatty juices from chicken and chops etc from the crockpot. .

beaker59, Jun 16, 6:48am
Leave the crock pot to sit before you thicken and just scoop the free fat off the top you will get most of it that way. Keep the fat for frying with.

lindi4, Jun 16, 6:49am
Fats no good in a gravy which is the end result I'm looking for... it's not so bad in boiled or fried meats.

fisher, Jun 16, 7:10am
I agree lindi4. . I'm like you and dont want that fatty flavour through the end gravy result... remove as much as you can and even then you will get a little which is fine. . precooking / browning also gets a lot of it and if you use onions as suggested, it will soak up all the bottom browned flavour and end up with a clean pot... :}}

trah, Jun 16, 7:17am
I always cook stews/casseroles the day before we eat them. They taste better, and you get the chance to take all the solidified fat away before reheating.

lindi4, Jun 16, 7:19am
Yes... I see the leaner cuts of meat work better in the slow cooker, or cutting off the fat.

margyr, Jun 16, 7:54am
you can also use a slice of bread on the top to soak up some of the fat before serving.

caveweta, Aug 11, 7:18am
Tried and true method:Boil first to get rid of fat, drain off fatty water, rinse under hot running water, brown and then put in slow cooker with other ingredients. Only takes a few minutes extra.

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