Corned beef in a crockpot problems. . .

ree05, Jun 12, 6:15am
twice now I have cooked corned beef in my crockpot, on low, all day, with ginegerale, and it has turned out virtually unedible. It didn't fall part. It was a solid tough rubbery chunk of meat. Even my husband who will eat anything didn't eat it. The dog loved it. I bought it from 2 different suppliers thinking that was the problem but the same resul each time. I did cover the meat with liquid, is that where I went wrong? although I usually do this... . help! I want fall apart melt in your mouth corned beef!

rainrain1, Jun 12, 6:22am
Turn your crockpot to high

ree05, Jun 12, 6:24am
really? so it wasn't cooked enough? I did wonder that, although it was on from 9am to 6pm. Then I wondered if it was overcooked! sigh...

rainrain1, Jun 12, 6:34am
Try that anyway... I always cook mine on high, different brands of crockpots may vary a bit in temperature

tracey99, Jun 12, 6:41am
Hi, I put my silverside (defrosted) in the slow cooker, cover it with cold water so it is covering about 1/3 of the meat, add a onion (chopped in half), about a tablespoon of brown suger and about 1/4 malt vinegar. Cook on low for approx 8-10 hours. Always turns out delicious! ! !

janine103, Jun 12, 6:59am
if its tough its undercooked... i do mine on high and just turn it down if it starts to fall to bits. I also put mine in frozen yesterday. . i dont cover mine with water I just put an inch or 2 or in the bottom. . a splash of vinegar and a spoonful of brownsugar... always yummy

stasi21, Jun 12, 7:09am
I put mine in the crockpot and cover it with water, chuck in a few bayleaves, somepeppercorns, a carrot cut into big chunks, an onion cut into quarters, some celery cut into chunks and a squeeze of golden syrup, then i cook it on low for 10-12 hours. The reason I cook it for that long is cos i put it on before I go to work in the morning and by the time I get home and get around to having dinner its been ages. But the silverside always turns out amazingly tender and tasty. Obviously i dont eat any of the veges that I put in with it. They're just there for flavour

cookessentials, Jun 12, 7:13am
Try this method. Rince corned beef under cold running water. Boil jug. Pop meat into crockpot and cover with the boiling water. To the water add 1-2tbsp malt vinegar 1tbsp soft brown sugar, 2 bay leaves and about 6-8 whole cloves. Turn to high and cook on high for about 7 hours, then reduce to low until serving time.

ree05, Jun 12, 9:40am
Thanks so much! it seems that it was undercooked, I do buy quite large bits as we like to have it for sandwhiches for days after :) Right then, I am on a mission to have a prefect corned beef result. I will cook it on high with the above mentioned additives... will do it again this week and will report back with results if this thread not too far gone, wish me luck :)

ffloss, Jun 12, 10:01am
ree05-I had the exact same problem. The meat was as tough as old boots and it had been cooking for 7-8 hours.
The last time I put the slow cooker on auto and bingo the meat was falling off and it was yummy.

bikergirl_nz, Jun 12, 10:11am
cooked my last with beer mmmmm yummy

tets, Jun 12, 10:37am
I put mine in the crockpot with water, whole cloves and a squirt of golden syrup for about 4 to 5 hours on high. Delish... .

kelzzz, Jun 12, 11:06am
I always cook my carrots in there too mmmmm

books4nz, Jun 12, 11:21am
Kelzzz - yep. . there's something good about carrots cooked with corned beef!

stevie-b, Jun 12, 11:24am
My corned beefcooked in a crockpot was rubbery and inedible, but when I switched to a slow cooker no problems!

kelzzz, Jun 12, 12:02pm
What's the difference? ?

jmonster, Jun 12, 9:34pm
Hi I had this exact same problem about a year ago when I got my crock pot, and someone on here suggested wrapping the top of the crock pot in tin foil.
So now I chuck my carrots onion and potatoes in the pot, add the corned beek, cover with water and add the flavourings, then put the lid on and wrap tinfoil round it. Now my corned beef turns out perfect every time.

sherralynne, Jun 13, 5:33am
Slow cookers cook faster than crockpots. We have done the corned beef in ginger ale many times in both a crockpot and a slow cooker and it has always turned out beautifully.

tonsta2, Jun 13, 10:56pm
I just bung mine in by itself, no water, and cook it on high. It really falls apart and is just scrummy. Sometimes rub with brown sugar or honey,

kcak, Jun 13, 11:34pm
So is there fluid in the pot by the time it is cooked?

fisher, Jun 14, 5:34am

muttly, Aug 5, 5:07pm
i cook mine with water golden syrup and water i also try to remember carrots if i forget they i just get some of the juice in a pot and cook them that way or juice and microwave it is on all day as i tend to forget to do it at lunch time start on high may turn down later in the day if not it all fall to bits lol

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