Too early for Carrot Cake?

accroul, Jun 11, 12:08am
Is it too early to make a carrot cake that will be partially eaten on Sunday evening?

griffo4, Jun 11, 12:27am
lt would be fine but l wouldn't ice it till the day you are going to use it
l quite often make cakes ahead and l have even frozen them if it is a week before and then pull them out the day before

korbo, Jun 11, 1:42am
yes it will be fine. i made one last monday week, and it is in the fridge and perfectly ok to eat.

accroul, Jun 11, 2:20am
cool, thanks for that!

wino3, Jun 11, 2:42am
carrot cakes are always better the day after anyway so not too early IMO.

buzzy110, Jun 11, 4:11am
I used to make one with oil and it stayed fresh for absolutely ages.

juliewn, Jun 11, 8:37am
I've just made a carrot cake recipe. . realised when mostly mixed that I didn't have any oil, so in place of the 1 cup of oil, I've used 50gms melted butter and a cup of preserved apple pulp - they've just come from the oven and look delicious. . smell good too :-)

runeaholics, Jul 29, 6:47pm
It's never too early for carrot cake! ;D

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