tomato relish

cary3339, Feb 14, 11:18pm
All tomato relish recipes are all basically the same . Has anyone got a different recipe.

bams1, Feb 15, 7:45am
Na they are basically the same but you can add what you like - i addgreen peppers and more chillies , my friend just made some and added grated zuchinni -just to use them up , my mum adds slices of celery as well.

245sam, Feb 15, 7:54am
cary3339, have a look at:- php? f=26&t=567

You'll find a variety of tomato relish recipes there and hopefully at least one that is different. :-))

cary3339, Feb 15, 11:04pm
Have never been on trademecooks . Wow there lots of recipesthere for me Thanks for that

glocks1, Feb 16, 12:45am
the best recipe comes off the shelf at the supermarket! yummy yummy

lythande1, Aug 11, 4:53pm
Anathoth is about the nearest to nice I've found on a shelf, and thats not as good as home made.
I use this one:
Tomato relish
3 kg red toms; 2 tbsp salt; 10 onions; 750ml vinegar; 1kg sugar; 1 tbsp curry powder; 1 tbsp mustard powder.
Add whatever else you might like, I add capsicum if I have it.
I use frozen tomatoes, that way, you can drain off a lot of the water first and then you don't need thickeners.

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