Homemade voulevants cases

john14110, Jun 7, 8:13am

Has anyone got a good recipie for voulevants cases, not sure how to spell it let alone make them lol


sultana0, Jun 7, 8:25am
Buy them, they one of those things that are best made by the pros'

lilyfield, Jun 7, 8:31am
easy as to make- buy good puff pastry, cut bottom round and two same size rings to stack on top with eggwash in between. Cook in very hot oven, NOT fanbake- or they will blow over.

lindylambchops1, Jun 7, 8:50am
Shopping List:Vol au vents

john14110, Jun 7, 8:54am
cheers lindy lol! !

aktow, Jun 7, 1:39pm
you can buy uncooked vol au vents cases, just egg wash them and bake, much better than bought cooked cases. some times the cooked cases taste stale, i used to make my own pastry but it to expensive for only making a few

margyr, Jul 17, 8:20am
the top 2 peices i always cut a round in the middle, then this lifts out leaving a hollow to put filling, and you can put the little puff bit back on if you like.