Banoffi Pie

toxious, Jun 2, 3:31am

The last time I made this, the toffee was really sticky and very hard to cut cause it just stuck to the knife. I don't know what recipe I used, it was a random off the net.

Has anyone got a nice recipe where the toffee is nice and soft and not sticky? Or is the toffee supposed to be sticky? I'm sure the banoffi pie at lone star isn't sticky lol

245sam, Jun 2, 3:37am
toxious, I have very successfully used petal1955's recipe (the 3rd one listed) on the link below to make individual banoffie pies - I use small loose-bottomed flan tins and follow the recipe as is except that I do not bake the base(s) as stated in the recipe at:- php? f=21&t=169

rambo24, Jun 2, 3:43am
i use the caramel condensed milk in a can,

toxious, Jun 2, 3:51am
thanks 245sam, I will give it a go

abfab12, Jun 2, 4:00am
I use Edmonds Sweet Short frozen pastry, a can of Highlander Caramel, cream and bananas and choc flakes. Easy peasy and fast ! !

taruawai, Jun 2, 4:15am
I do as above... Its the best caramel around and Ive never come close to making one like it! ! But I have only just discovered the Highlander caramel in the can as I use to use the condensed milk, you place the unopened can in a pot of water that just covers the tin and simmer for around an hour 1/2. and I use the edmonds sweet short pastry as well. you line a pie or cake tin with this and bake it before putting in the caramel, bananas, cream, chocolate. . You can add coffee to the cream for a coffee taste.

toxious, Jun 2, 4:31am
doesn't the tinned stuff run? or does it firm up

petal1955, Jun 2, 4:35am
Glad to hear my recipe has been tried and tested and enjoyed ! ! ! !

rambo24, Jun 3, 5:24am
Toxious, it works well, you just take it out of the can and mix it with a fork to make it nice and smooth.

horizons_, Jul 4, 10:45am
Try adding some bailey's irish cream and/or cinamon to the whipped cream topping. Yummy... . .

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