Lambs Fry and bacon... MMmmmmmm

puppetman, May 31, 9:40pm
Who else here has food that they LOVE, but their partner is totally grosed out? lol!

fifie, May 31, 10:04pm
Tripe and onions in a creamy sauce, over a pile of mashed spuds. . Yum. .

pickles7, May 31, 11:36pm
both of those and stew, in my house.

ziggy16, Jun 1, 2:56am
ewww I would never cook tripe no matter how much the other half loved it, I do cook lambs fry for him though but I won't eat it, I'll cook my bacon with it in a nice gravy that I make with the lambs fry but thats about as close as I'll ever get to eating it

puppetman, Jun 1, 3:28am
I haven't had tripe for maybe 30 years since my mother made it for me! ! ! :( I wouldn't have a clue! ! ! ziggy16 you made my mouth water reading about making the lambs fry... .

clairen, Jun 1, 3:49am
yum yum yum! ! my dad an i love lambs fry and bacon (as well as kidneys). mum and my husband can't stand them. Dad was kind enough to cook kidneys for breakfast on my wedding day. lol, kidney breath for hubby! !

kabbo, Jun 1, 7:13am
my husband likes thickened tomatoes on toast - yuck.
pure slop.

jag5, Jun 1, 9:07am
ziggy16... . my children hate kidney, but always loved the flavour of my steak and kidney stew. So they would eat it, but wouldn't touch the kidney LOL I ate it all. My grandchildren are the same.

wahinetoa62, Jun 1, 9:42am
mmmm i love liver and onions, and tripe so good

aktow, Jun 1, 11:39am
i love chicken livers. . a few times a year i would buy two containers of chicken livers and tip them in a bowl, then microwave themwith salt. . nice and plain.

for guests. i would pan fry my chicken liversuntil slightly pink, , remove from pan and add bacon, green pepper corns, flame in bourbon, add cream and a little stock, reduce and place chicken livers back in pan to warm through.

aktow, Jun 1, 11:43am
today i bought lamb fry from mad butcher, , ileft it in glad wrap tray and put it in the microwave for three minutes, , it came out perfect, , slightly pink and tender.
this method might sound cowboyish but it works. .

2bakerz, Jun 1, 8:50pm
Well I'm so pleased someone else has success with microwaved lambs fryMy all time fav. way of cooking lambs fry and bacon is in the microwave! . Just sweat chopped up onions and bacon for 3-4 mins. Thinly slice the fry and shake in plastic bag in seasoned flour take out, shake and place with onions and bacon, add 1 tsp beef stock diss. in 3/4 cup of hot water and 1 Tblsp w'cester sauce, mix well - 6-7 mins H stir again and further 5-6 mins. It's always tender and tasty!

alig65, Jun 28, 6:42pm
A little fresh thyme added to Lamb's Fry and Bacon gives it a lovely lift, and is best the next day when all the flavours have developed. I also like to add some heart and kidney's to this 'brew' too. Yumm I do miss the home kills, it is known to be fresh then! !

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