Choc slice recipe please

kelzzz, May 31, 7:48am
I am wanting one that has wine biscuit pieces in it and maybe raisins. With icing on top. Not sure of the name so don't know what to google. Thanks.

rosiemoodle, May 31, 8:11am
it sounds like fudge slice

rosiemoodle, May 31, 8:14am
use the search over to the left plenty of recipes there

mummy_moo, May 31, 8:26am
200gms butter
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
4 dsp cocoa
2 packets superwine or similiar

meltbutter sugar cocoa and eggs until thick add biscuits (broken up) place in sandwich tray and place in fridge. ice and cut when cold
you can add anything else to the mix

hope this helps

kelzzz, Jun 24, 8:49am
thanks rosie :)

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