Westinghouse oven

linda125, Feb 13, 2:03am
I have a westinghouse oven and hob. The power has been turned off and now it is flashing 0. 00 auto. I cant for the life of me remember which of the six buttons to use to reset the clock and put it on manual instead of auto? Thanks in advange

doug57, Feb 13, 2:08am
I've got a F&P, with mine you hold down the 2 buttons on the far left and press the last one on the right! [but that just gets it in the position to use the stove] I keep mine switched off at the wall unless I'm using it!

linda125, Feb 13, 2:10am
Thanks doug57I will try that now.

doug57, Aug 6, 8:16pm
hey linda125. . did it work or are you still stuck?

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