Check out my GIANT mushroom

purplegoanna, May 30, 3:03am
we just found... http://images. jp
http://images. jp
http://images. jp
http://images. jp

ttwisty, May 30, 3:05am
looks like mushroom soup tonight. Thats one BIG mushroom

kiwigoldie, May 30, 3:06am
wow thats huge!

rog.e, May 30, 3:09am
I think there is a special name for mushrooms that are huge like yours.

Where did you find it?

purplegoanna, May 30, 3:10am
lets just say 100's of people have been driving past it daily!

deus701, May 30, 3:54am
Hey, where did that big mushroom from my front yard go! ! !

matt-wgtn, May 30, 8:12am
Wow, that's amazing (just had to get out my tape measure).

pickles7, May 30, 8:39am
horse mushroom, yum. .

chevcamaro, May 30, 10:08am
same, thats huge, well done

kanasie, Jun 24, 12:06pm
mmmmm. lucky you! ! enjoy.

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