Firmer icing for banana cake???

neil_di, May 28, 11:11pm
I have been making Banana cake for years and icing with choc butter icing but in recent times have found that the icing is not setting firmly and seeps into the cake. Not one to blame the tools but is icing different these days. I know that put in a bit of cornflour as an anti caking agent but thats been done for years. . your ideas/opinions appreciated. TIA

horizons_, May 28, 11:49pm
It's the butter apparently. My friend is a chef and says anchor is the only brand that hasn't changed their recipe of late.

cookessentials, May 29, 12:02am
beware of the butter you are buying and ALWAYS check the back - they should just be cream and salt - some of them have water in them now, so be mindful of that.

pickles7, May 29, 1:14am
All butter has a little water left in it, it is part of how butter is made. If the icing is a little runny, warm it in the mic add more icing sugar, untill it looks as if it will set, it should still be warm when you use it.

cookessentials, May 29, 1:16am
I think we do realise that. Some butters have "extra" water added pickles.

neil_di, May 29, 3:47am
yes I am a picky label reader and really after 40 years of icing success I'm convincing myself that it is some ingredient and not my technique. . have just made another Banana cake so will see how it goes. Thanks for your thoughts. . will keep you posted.

pickles7, May 29, 7:11am
lol , we had a home bakery, made icing every day for years, couldn't afford the icing going soft. If water is the problem butter would be going rancid. Melt a little butter and set it, the butter milk will sink, the butter will set on top.

griffo4, May 29, 8:12am
We were told by someone who did a tour through Fonterra plant said yes they do add water to butter and what they did to milk made the mind boggle
l use mainland and haven't had any trouble but you could add more icing sugar to get stiffer icing

pania1980, May 30, 11:10am
try making an icing with icing sugar cocoa (or melted chocolate) and cream cheese using a few drops of milk to help make igt easier to blend into a really yummy icing

sikofstuf, Jun 21, 4:08am
you could try a little vegetable fat/cremelta? Sounds yuck- and probably not good for you- but doesnt actually have a taste- and is a good 'firming' agent, well known to be put on some cakes to stiffen up the icing.

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