jamit, May 25, 8:16am
What is the equivalent of single and double cream in NZ

nzsweetie, May 25, 8:49am
What is it for? I have made a few things that ask for double cream but I just use normal cream.

juliewn, May 25, 12:02pm
I think double cream is sold in pottles where cream is displayed in supermarkets. . it's thicker. .

cgvl, May 25, 8:08pm
jamit. I just use ordinary cream for both. Single cream is probably the similar to the lite cream you can buy and double to our ordinary cream.
Basically it is the fat content of the cream which defines single from double. Most English recipes state the use of either and I have only ever used standard cream and had no problems whatsoever.

margyr, May 25, 8:13pm
our normal cream is what is double cream in other countries.

marob2, May 25, 9:34pm
I just use ordinary cream. Single cream is probably what, as kids, we skimmed off the top of our bottle of milk. ! !

cookessentials, May 25, 11:12pm
The Anchor cream sold here is equivalent to the double cream in the UK

barloo, May 26, 5:04am
this is crazy stuff! ! Its easy to thicken cream!

Why Oh Why would you buy cream that has been thicken with Gelatin ! !

Whip it a bit! sigh. Its a ploy to make you buy things you don't need for extra cost! !

malcovy, May 26, 5:43am
I may be wrong but single cream is not a cream you would use for whipping and double cream is our normal cream.

jamit, May 26, 6:19am
Thanks everyone for the help

cookessentials, Jun 10, 6:41am
They were asking for double cream which is completely different from thickened cream.

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