Baked Steak

wazza_shellz, May 24, 2:05am
Hi has anyone got a nice baked steak recipe. Thanks

fisher, May 24, 3:18am
Savoury Baked Steak
2 bacon rashers. . 750g steak. . 1/2 tsp dry mustard. . 3 tsp sugar. . 3 tbsp flour. . 2 tbsp vinegar. . 11/2 tbsp tomato sauce. . 11/2 cups water... .
Trim the rind off the bacon and fry for a few minutes to draw off the fat... Drain and cut the bacon into 3cm length pieces...
Cut the steak into even-sized pieces and put the steak and bacon into an ovenproof dish. Mix the remaining ingredients together until smooth...
Pour the mixture over the meats... Cover the dish... Bake at 160°cfor 2 - 21/2 hours or until the steak is tender.

beaker59, May 24, 6:22am
These things are effectively different every time you cook them but the one I did yesterday was rump steaks browned off withsome bacon pieces then added to slow cooker with one large leek chopped up a tin of tomatoes two beetroot sliced up some rosemary thyme and sage fresh from garden. Deglazed the pan with a cup of red wine and added a few mushrooms. Then 4 hours on high before thickening and seving.
Reason for leek is they were on special this week (so was the Rump steak too) and the beetroot because I had a cleanup in the garden :) it was delicious and the steak melt in your louth tender.

chip1914, Jun 5, 2:48am
This was one I had at a girlfriends for tea, very easy. Put steak into casserole dish add 1-2 sachets of tomatoe and onion soup ( depending on how much steak you use, roughly 1kg to 1 pkt) Add the amount of water you need to make soup and add to steak. Cook slowly for a couple of hours and just befor serving add some grated cheese into the dish and cook for about 10mins. Really was yummy.

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