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missmad, Feb 13, 6:02am
love a good spag bol the sauce just always seems to be missing somethin, g not sure what!
so what is your secret ingedient to make a superb sauce?

rog.e, Feb 13, 6:07am
Add a good grating of Nutmeg to the sauce or a good pinch of ground Nutmeg.

That's my secret ingredient no more :-)

darlingmole, Feb 13, 6:14am
1. splash of balsamic vinegar
2. good splash of sherry
3. lots of love!
4. (suprisingly) adding a chicken liver and some chopped bacon

davidt4, Feb 13, 6:20am
A few drops of fish sauce to add umami.

cookessentials, Feb 13, 6:25am
nutmeg and pancetta for me

pgta, Feb 13, 6:26am
Packet Mix

jons11, Feb 13, 6:30am
I put silverbeet in mine once, can't go without it now.

valentino, Feb 13, 6:32am
A very good bit of Red Wine.

colb1, Feb 13, 6:37am
Heaps of garlic

lilyfield, Feb 13, 6:52am
red wine

saltness, Feb 13, 6:56am
grated courgette and grated carrot. lots of herbs and garlic ...

But most importantly ...

Really good lean flavoursome mince.

margyr, Feb 13, 8:36am
tomatoes, onions, garlic, salt and pepper, tsp sugar, sachet of tomato cup-a-soup and good old tomato sauce, sometimes add mushrooms or courgettes. brown the mince and onion, add the garlic and other things, lastly the tomatoes and perhaps a 1/2 can of water, cook the spag drain and add nob of butter and pepper mix it through, plate it then mince on the top with a good cheese grated on the top. yummo.

ruby19, Feb 13, 9:04am
Here is what I add to mine, saute onion, bacon and grated carrot, add mince, cook until browned, season, add 1/2 cup milk, cook until evaporated, add 1/2 cup red wine, cook until evaporated, add tin toms, beef stock and bay leaf, simmer for at least 1 hour.

helen59, Feb 13, 10:57am
Grated carrot and grated courgette. Gives it fullness and goodness.

mvr, Feb 13, 7:32pm
Anchovies - mush a cpl up into a bit of the tomator puree before adding to the mince etc, and lots of fresh herbs.

coach2, Feb 14, 2:31am
Balsamic vinigar - great with tomatoes, enhances the flavour

maysept, Feb 14, 2:51am
About a Tb of pesto. Gives it a real lift.

blondie4, Feb 14, 3:31am
the last secret ingrediant is BUTTER not a lot but enough to give the sauce a rich taste and a shiny glaze.

blondie4, Feb 14, 3:33am
my brother in law is italian , his advice is keep the ingrediants simple
and add the butter at the very end.

rkcroft, Feb 14, 8:22am
sugar... . . just a spoonful... . it enhances the tomato flavour. I also like to use a mix of lean beef and lean pork mince. It must have wine and it must have sh*t loads of garlic and fresh herbs.

theanimal1, Feb 14, 8:35am

indigojo, Feb 14, 8:35am
brown sugar with the onions...

cuteviolet, Feb 14, 8:40am
Heaps of garlic and a some chilli flakes if you like hot stuff!

mallee, Feb 14, 8:41am
They all sound great, But davidt4 is definately the one I would go by. The ladies a genius :-)

rainrain1, Feb 14, 6:40pm
Very ripe sweet tomatoes and a bottle of Chianti to wash it all down

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