Best way to cook lamb shoulder chops marinated in

tabbitha, May 22, 10:15pm
Mint... stuck home sick so sent hubby shopping, really fancied a roast lamb today . havent has one for so long>>>>>

he comes home with pork shoulder chops marinated in mint :)
last few times i have tried to grill, barbie these they were sooooo tough, , , help pleaseeeeeeeee

beaker59, May 23, 2:40am
MMMMMMMMMMM we are having roast lamb tonight it was on special at our local supermarket and a large whole leg only cost $20. But your shoulder chops I would do in the slow cooker I posted a recipe in the pork chop casserole thread. The mint is unusual for pork chops but sounds like a nice twist :)

fisher, May 23, 4:20am
beaker I reckon they are lamb minted as per the thread title...
mint and pork... naaaaaaa... .

buzzy110, Jun 1, 5:18pm
Personally I'd wash all that sugary goo off. Then I'd brown both sides, saute onion and celery chunks, throw in some of my divine chilli condiment that I have made with all sorts of spices, add in a small amount of saved stock or some other liquid like tinned tomatoes in juice, add the chops back in with salt and stew for about 1hour or less - just check after ½ & 3/4hr for tenderness.

This should yield up some tender and tasty chops.

Or, if you have made any preserved lemons you could add some of those as well.

Actually, put whatever you want into your stew and it will taste just how you want then. I have a tagine and use all sorts of different flavours in that.

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